Guide Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms : The Models of 1866, 1873 & 1876 (For Collectors Only)

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Go and hold one - try cocking the hammer and working the loading gate. Everything on the gun operates as smooth as silk, yet it feels solid and dependable. The ultimate lever gun. This rifle became the Model 94 Winchester.

Winchester’s ‘One of One Thousand’ Seemed Like a Great Ad Campaign

The proven performer for over a century. Then John M. A few good reasons to own a Model 94 Winchester. There are a number of good reasons that the Model 94 Winchester is still a solid choice for big game hunting. That is well and good. But even in the 21st century, the most hunted big game animal in North America -- the Whitetail -- is in brushier, nastier, tighter conditions than ever. In fact, the urbanization of the Whitetail is one of the most studied topics by wildlife biologist these days. If you are whitetail hunter you are likely going to be hunting in these kinds of conditions.

And being able to get on target and make a good shot is something the Model 94 has been proven to do for over years. Very Fast.

Historical Timeline

Its light weight, quick pointing characteristics, ease of cycling the next round, overall responsiveness, and choice of good calibers makes it an excellent choice for deer and even black bear. Many consider the Model 94 the ultimate rifle for training a new shooter too. There is an intrinsic level of interest generated when you put one in the hands of a young shooter. And the skills learned in loading, handling, operating and shooting transfer to every type of hunting.

Take me to Browning International No.

Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Vol. 1, Models 1866, 1873 & 1876

Take me to Browning North America. What do I like best about the Model 94 Winchester? Lots of steel and wood. Incredible design. John Moses Browning really outdid himself when he designed the Model The mechanism is smooth and precise. Note that these fellows, as are the men in the next photo, are holding the SRC! Of course the reality of the times was different. Mounties often worked together, sometimes in rather large for Canada units. They not only patrolled the back country but kept order in towns and along routes to the gold fields and they suppressed insurrections.

Still, I wanted one of those carbines. Back in the day, Winchester was producing the very popular rifle and carbines which were chambered for the. Experienced hunters know that this isn't exactly the first choice for game such as elk, bison or grizzly bear. Ned Roberts reports in his "The Man and the Boy" stories how his. So, hunters out in the western US were demanding and buying rivals of the Winchester just for hunting. Winchester wanted to compete in the marketplace and hence the Produced from until approximately 63, s of all types were built.

The last rifle left the factory in and was likely made up of various unused parts. Most popular among collectors and bringing the highest prices are the SRCs and the Express rifles.

Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Vol. 1, Models 1866, 1873 & 1876

Some of this is due to the relative rarity of the two types. The English Express rifles those in. Like all Winchesters of the era, a multitude of options were available. Some were produced in one configuration and returned to be modified adding the dust cover to early guns was one popular modification to another configuration. In some cases, they were pulled from stock and modified to meet an order. Add to that all the "parts guns" that were made up after regular production ceased in and one should expect a startling array of variations.

Longer and heavier than the but still using the same basic action design, the called the Centennial because it was introduced in the th year of the USofA couldn't handle the.

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Winchester's fix was to use a fatter, bottle-neck cartridge of. This it did. Winchester later produced the also chambered for 3 other cartridges as shown. Of course my gun had to be a. Unfortunately, this will make brass and ammunition difficult to find and more expensive than the. When the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada authorized the North West Mounted Police on May 23, , to stop the liquor traffic among the Indians, they had to have rifles.

The single-shot Snider-Enfield breech loader was sufficent cause for them to want a replacement and 50 of the Saddle Ring Carbines SRCs were tried in service. These were acquired through the I. Baker Company and 50 were in use by In another guns were received. More were likely purchased but the records are incomplete. The marking shown in the photo to the right as on the reproduction wasn't uniformly applied so it might not be legible and some carbines don't have it at all.

Later carbines had the "Spanish meter" sight which is very similar to the "military wind gauge" sight but not identical. Range markings on this sight are in meters.

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My reproduction has this sight as well as the NWMP stock stamp. Now that I've received my gun I can tell you a little bit about it. Of course it has the Italian proof markings but they are on the bottom of the receiver. Also on the receiver bottom are the serial number and rifle catalog number. The barrel is also marked with the patent dates and the importer and maker name. Some folks might not appreciate their location or form but they are pretty unimportant to me.

follow The finish of the gun is pretty good. The oiled finish on the wood walnut? Only the made-for-the-English guns had varnished furniture. The bluing is even and looks pretty good. There is a finish flaw on the loading gate where the rifle was loaded and test fired. It should eventually wear to look like an original.

Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Vol. 1, Models 1866, 1873 & 1876

The finger lever latch is very stiff. I haven't been able to turn it into position yet. Then again, I'm not forcing it and it isn't used when shooting. Brass is the most critical and difficult to find component. There is properly headstamped brass out there. However, the influx of reproductions has created a surge in demand and stripped the market of most of this brass.

If you find cases it might be a good thing to buy them then and there. Of the properly headstamped brass, Venturino reported that the Bertram brass which came un-necked had to be reamed and fire-formed before use. I understand the the Bertram brass now comes formed. His fireforming load was 12 gr. Venturino also notes that COL is critical.

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You can't be very far off before experiencing feeding problems. Jamison International made a run of.

Supreme Rarity: Winchester Model 1876 One of One Thousand

It has a good reputation for working in original and the Chapparal reproductions. Unfortunately for the. Usable brass can be made from several other currently manufactured cases.