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Santarelli singled to right center. Brown singled; M. Santarelli advanced to second. Bixler singled to left center; Ka.

Brown advanced to second; M. Santarelli advanced to third.

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Borger out at first p to 2b. Paveletz fouled out to 1b. Seccia flied out to cf. Brown singled to right center. Compton hit by pitch; K. Brown advanced to second. LaPorta struck out swinging. It will all culminate next November with the presidential election. So you will see countless accounts of political stories that, hopefully, will assist voters in deciding who they will cast their ballots for in the April primary and the November general election. And there will be many extremely important races to be decided — president, U.

House, state Legislature and more. As in all presidential-year elections, voter turnout will be higher than in nonpresidential years. However, the amount of votes actually cast is far less than it could be, or should be. We continue to see a low percentage of eligible voters even register. Starting there, the percentage of registered voters who actually vote is much less. That means these important offices are filled by a minority of those who have the power — the right — to vote. Ben Bradlee Jr. And if you carry that equation out, Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes basically gave Trump victory.

So, you see, voting is important. And because Luzerne County played such a decisive role in , the candidates recognize this and will be sure to visit us many times. So the general public, if interested, will be able to come out and see and hear the candidates and their surrogates up close and personal. Who knows, you may be able to shake the hand or get a selfie with the next president of the U. For those of us in the media, we will endure these visits. Yes, it is cool to be able to cover these events, but the process is not as glamorous as one might think.

He was to speak at Schott North America in Duryea. I went to the airport at the invite of the Pence campaign, with our photographer. We were told we were pre-approved by the Secret Service and we would be allowed to ride in our vehicle with the motorcade to Schott. After waiting for more than one hour for the vice president to arrive, we were told we were not, in fact, approved by the Secret Service at the site.

We were told we were too late. We were instructed to go to Schott. That concerned us because there are deadlines for media to enter these sites prior to the arrival of the candidate.

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We were afraid we might have missed that deadline. So, as we approached Schott, we received a call from the on-site campaign media person that, in fact, we should return to the airport and we would be allowed to travel in the motorcade. So we turned around and went back to the airport, parked the car and rushed to get to the hangar to wait for Pence. As we were walking into the hangar, we got another phone call from the same on-sire campaign media person informing us that, this time for real, we were not approved and should return to Schott.

And when Biden was in town, we asked if he would be stopping anywhere else besides the Scranton Cultural Center. We were told by the campaign media person that he would not — that Biden had to get to Iowa. Biden did stop at his childhood home and at a hoagie shop.

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See what I mean? And given the importance that Luzerne County played in the last presidential election, we deserve it. Additionally, votesPA.

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These publications are available to download and print in English or Spanish. On Tuesday, Nov. Voters have the right to cast a provisional ballot at the polling place if they believe they are registered at the precinct but are not listed in the poll book or supplemental poll book. County officials will review provisional ballots within seven days after the election to determine whether the voter was eligible. Voters appearing at a polling place for the first time must show proper identification, which may be either photo or nonphoto ID.

There is no identification requirement for voters returning to a polling place where they have voted before. Voters are entitled to assistance at the voting booth if they are unable to enter the booth or use the balloting system. They can choose who will provide the assistance, except for their employer, an agent of their employer, an officer or agent of their union or the Judge of Elections.

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For complete information about voting in Pennsylvania, visit votesPA. LIHEAP provides assistance for home heating bills so low-income Pennsylvanians can stay warm and safe during the winter months. Assistance is available for renters and homeowners. These programs help increase awareness of in-demand technical careers for students, parents, guardians, and school faculty. Each of the 22 statewide LWDBs are strongly encouraged to apply.

The partnerships connect schools, employers, and students to provide career-related experiences and opportunities through soft-skills development, internships, workplace shadowing, and career mentoring, all with the goal of informing more students about the need to develop technical skills required by employers. The deadline to apply is Nov. Last week, the U.

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Senate passed Sens. The bipartisan, bicameral Combat Online Predators Act enhances criminal penalties for stalkers under federal law by up to five years if the victim is a minor. The legislation also calls for the U. A companion bill in the House was introduced by U. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa. Despite the stalking being sexual in nature, the thenyear-old stalker pleaded guilty only to a misdemeanor stalking charge and was sentenced to probation and counseling.

Three years later, in , the same stalker began making contact again. This time, he was arrested in a sting by local police and sentenced to between 18 months and seven years in a state prison. I urge my colleagues in the House to pass this bill quickly so that the president can sign it into law. I urge my colleagues in the House to swiftly pass this measure so that the president can sign Combat Online Predators into law and we can continue the fight to keep our children safe from predatory behavior.

Opportunity presents itself to Kim Ki-woo Woo-sik Choi when his friend, college student Min Seo-joon Park must leave his tutoring position to study abroad. Min tells Ki-woo that he could teach English to Da-hye Jung Ziso , the teenaged daughter of the Parks, while he is gone. For Ki-woo, who after serving in the Korean military has no career, this is finally a chance to bring in real money to his unemployed household. However, he must develop an extravagant scheme to get everyone jobs to help out the Park family. The Kims are able to win over Park matriarch Yeon-kyo Yeo-jeong Jo , whose wealth always her to be oblivious to anything outside her brain.

The Kims try to pull the biggest hustle possible to get out of the slums and to enjoy the life the Parks have obtained. But the twists that their actions bring have disastrous consequences. Despite being monetarily poor, the Kims are rich in familial love. They will do anything for each other as a unit. As a family, they do everything together.

The Kims want to be so much a part of what the Parks enjoy, particularly Ki-woo. Bong also brings home the point visually, from the calm, open concept Park homestead to the claustrophobic, urine-soaked dump where the Kims dwell. The characters are well developed and viewers will find themselves rooting for one family or the other. Tamara Dunn is the night news editor at the Times Leader. Casale: Safety tips for your trick-or-treaters October 28, The Flash aka Evie and Batgirl big sister Rowan were practicing their moves on Mary and me for most of the weekend.

So, here are a few safety tips to keep your little ghouls, ghosts and goblins happy and healthy this holiday. Halloween masks can make seeing difficult, which can lead to trips, falls and poor awareness of oncoming vehicles and fellow creatures of the night. Make sure masks fit properly, or better yet consider makeup as an alternative.

Loose clothing can be another cause of a nasty tumble. If you go the makeup route, be aware that it can contain chemicals that cause rashes and irritation.