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If something comes into your mind, let it come in, and let it go out. It will not stay long. When you try to stop your thinking, it means you are bothered by it. Do not be bothered by anything.

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It appears as if something comes from outside your mind, but actually it is only the waves of your mind, and if you are not bothered by the waves, gradually they will become calmer and calmer. The book is obviously written from an "Eastern" perspective Eastern philosophy and history being quite new to me - but an area of interest.

There is undercurrent throughout this book of the "oneness" of all things, and a focus on being at peace with death which is also an element of Zen Mind, Beginners Mind. Like The Prince, Code of the Samurai is really a "how to" guide The Prince being one for newly minted Italian princes, and this one for newly minted Samurai. The big difference is that the Prince is about managing a society where Code of the Samurai is really about managing your own actions.

Also interesting is how both books are written from a perspective of servitude how to be the best right hand man to your lord. Yertle The Turtle by Dr. Seuss This was the best kid's book of the month books I get to read over and over and over. We also discovered Horton Hears a Who which would have been tops for its message about all things being important , and If I Ran the Zoo is that book racist???

It was The Lorax that opened my eyes to the deeper messages in Dr. Seuss' books "I the Once-ler, felt sad as I watched them all go. And business must grow regardless of crummies in tummies, you know.

Yertle rules without any concern for the needs of his subjects - and even better - he claims a kingdom he has no means of controlling. It is a great study in power and greed. January 31, in Books Permalink Comments 1. I have "3 Cs" for selling professional services: Credibility, Capability, Cost - in that order. These Cs originate from my belief that the acquisition of professional services is a deeply emotional purchase and the less defined the project the more personal the decision becomes.

As such, when organizations or said better "the people in organizations" purchase professional services the first thing they want to understand is the credibility of the service provider. Is this firm reputable? Can I trust them? Who are the key leaders and for what do they stand?

Niccolo Machiavelli Daniel Donno

Establishing credibility is the anchor of the entire sales process. Particularly in competitive situations, you can quickly separate yourself from the pack by establishing your credibility as much as possible on a personal level with the buyer. This fact is amplified by the reality that many professional services firms have to bid on lots of jobs in order to win a few clients - so they are frequently not able to bring their best couple players into each game.

This means you can quickly distance yourself from the pack if you focus your best people on the job, and have them spend their initial energies simply establishing credibility. I would wager that Monclare bid on many, many fewer jobs than our competitors - our philosophy was to try to win through focus not volume. With credibility established you are in great shape, and are probably in the final few firms under consideration. The next step is proving your capability. Obviously this varies greatly depending on the kind of service being delivered, but in our case we tried to engage the prospect in a discussion rather than a "pitch.

Be Book-Smarter.

I would recommend that to be read over, and over, and over, until death. Willie L. Brown Jr.

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An inexpensive but high quality translation of the classic Italian Renaissance statement of what has come to be called realpolitik. The translator, Paul Sonnino, presents an easily readable English but also takes care to render Italian words into English cognates or at least to use the same word consistently so the reader gets a sense of what terms and concepts Machiavelli repeated and in what context. Lightly annotated. Annotation c. Written in and published posthumously in , THE PRINCE has been interpreted both as a genuine handbook for potential rulers and as a satirical portrait of certain prevailing styles of leadership of the time.

Instead of advocating a sense of moral obligation to one's constituents, Machiavelli believed that it is far better for a leader to be feared than liked.

On Machiavelli — Advice from Italy’s (In)famous Military Strategist

He believed that the ends justify the means, and deceit, ruthlessness, and greed are acceptable in the interest of maintaining power. Though THE PRINCE may have influenced Hitler and Mussolini, the Machiavellian principles outlined in it have earned the work a place on many, if not most, lists of required reading for government and political science courses.

The Prince

He rose to power after the overthrow of Girolamo Savonarola, was appointed secretary and Second Chancellor to the Florentine Republic in Working as a diplomat for 14 years, he came in contact with the most powerful figures in Europe. He was dismissed when the Medici family returned to power in , and during the next year he was arrested and tortured for conspiracy.

Though soon released, he was not permitted to return to public office.

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His famous treatise The Prince , published is a handbook for rulers; though dedicated to Lorenzo de' Medici, ruler of Florence from , it failed to win Machiavelli his favour. Machiavelli viewed The Prince as an objective description of political reality.

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  8. Because he viewed human nature as venal, grasping, and thoroughly self-serving, he suggested that ruthless cunning is appropriate to the conduct of government. His other works include a set of discourses on Livy completed c.