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And when she drank, Suzanne said, she often had no recollection of what had occurred the night before. Together the three of them confronted Earle, who, Suzanne said, was relaxing on the bed with his hands behind his head and his feet crossed. They photographed her bruises and her black eye, and carted Earle off to jail. In the squad car, he became so enraged that he broke a rear window with his head. He claimed he was the victim. She demurred, Fry said. She was really in love with the dude. Earle was convicted of property damage to the police car, but charges of beating Karla were dropped.

Karla vetoed the idea, saying that they would keep the event just for family. Few, though, had foreseen the events of August Late that evening, Earle called John, his former roommate from Eden Ministries, who was working the graveyard shift as an aerospace machinist. Karla, he said, was screaming in the background. Things are going to go all bad. Then John heard the dull smack of a fist hitting flesh. On breaks, John tried to reach both Earle and Karla, to no avail.

Finally, at 11 that night, he got through to Karla. She assured him that she was upstairs in the bedroom, that Earle was downstairs, and that it was going to stay that way. They even called the sheriff to report the excessive noise, court documents show.

The neighbors also reported that they heard Earle shouting an obscenity at odd intervals, until nearly 3 a. Around that morning, court records show, they. Earle told the police that Karla had overdosed on drugs and alcohol, had fallen down the stairs, managed to get back up and died in bed after he fell asleep. Broken blood vessels had left the whites of her left eye bright red, the result of what the coroner said was a punch. The coroner concluded that the injuries, which included more than 30 bruises, were consistent with compression and strangulation. None, the coroner reported, were in amounts sufficient to cause death.

After the police left the house that morning, Hector and Jaroslava found a letter from a bank, which had been opened and tossed aside. They also found eight large vodka bottles, all empty. In his pretrial hearings, a new woman was at his side. There is considerable evidence to support that assertion. In , stories in the Washington Post and Newsweek described the sexual and emotional abuse of young women at a cultlike AA group in Washington, D.

The stories included the accounts of young women who said they were pressured to have sex with many AA members, but especially with the group leader, Michael Quinones, who has since died. Police concluded that no crime had been committed, since the women involved were over the age of 16 and therefore consenting adults. AA groups abroad have also confronted the issue of sexual predation among its members. Buoyed by these actions, and prompted by the news accounts, in a member of the board of Alcoholics Anonymous in the U. Its sentences were lawyerly but the intent was clear.

With the exception of the paid staff in New York, positions are unpaid. And the Brada Mendez case is not the only one of its kind. In , a Hawaii judge mandated that Clayborne Conley, a troubled Iraq veteran, must attend AA after nine months in a state psychiatric hospital. Enraged, he began to show up at her workplace. Early on the morning of Aug. And in , Sean Calahan was on probation in Montana after jail time for molesting a year-old girl. He was able to abide only by the first condition, according to court documents published in the Leader Advertiser, a Montana newspaper.


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His probation officers discovered alcohol in his possession, along with a diary in which he admitted to preying on women at AA meetings, precisely because they were fragile. Usually women early in sobriety cause they are the most vunerable. They have the most insecuritys so just a few words and a little care and they fall rite in to my trap.

Its not there falt but I make them think it is there falt and tell them I love them and everything will be okay. Vieth has been involved in sexual abuse cases and prevention for 25 years and has become a nationally recognized expert in developing protective mechanisms for volunteers in service organizations. Sentencing a man who has repeatedly been physically violent to women to attend AA meetings, he said, is akin to sentencing a pedophile to be a middle-school hall monitor. They can demonstrate compassion and kindness. This is exactly where they want to be.

Judges, he said, should consider the possibility of predatory behavior. If it were up to him, Judge Flores said, he would devise a plan to put every convicted criminal through a psychological assessment to help determine the best treatment option. In recent years, researchers have developed newer, scientifically proven treatments for alcohol-use disorder, including a handful of medications.

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Many of those drugs are prohibitively expensive. How do we deal with sociopaths? What do we do with them? A in the U. Santa Clarita Alcoholics Anonymous, which oversees the AA meetings in the area where Karla met Earle, did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the case.

All this leaves Vieth analogizing AA to Penn State University, the Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts of America, each of which at first denied and then was forced to confront the abuse that had taken place in its midst. Vieth predicts that the Brada Mendez case will create an uncomfortable institutional reaction. Earle stared straight ahead. She is married to Stephen Engelberg, editor-in-chief of ProPublica.

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Thank you for your interest in republishing this story. You are are free republish the article and graphics so long as you do the following:. Original story published June 24, In the spring of , Karla Brada Mendez finally seemed happy.

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We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. Continued to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it. An industrial community will have horrors in abandoned factories, etc … There is a vast range.

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What always amazes me is how they change not just from country to country, but from valley to valley. If contemporary popular culture is to be believed, trolls are small, happy-go-lucky creatures with colorful hair who break into song and dance sporadically. In traditional mythology, these monstrous, somewhat humanoid beings were not so cheerful, and actually quite hostile. In these stories, they occupied castles, emerging only at night because exposure to sunlight meant either a horrifying death or a life forever suspended in stone.

Certain landmarks in Norway are even said to have formed from a troll that got caught out in the sun. In other tales, these brutish creatures dwelled in the mountains and boasted overstated facial features that mirrored that of a stereotypical Neanderthal. Still, in different regional stories were trolls who made their homes deep in underground caves. But they have been described as being perfect thieves, entering homes under a cloak of invisibility to steal food and cause other mischief.

Meanwhile, her mischievous sons, the 13 Yule Lads, started out with backstories of torment as well, but now enjoy a more pleasant reputation Today, trolls have pushed well beyond Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore, and have become recurring characters in fantasy films, literature, role-playing games and yes, on toy store shelves. But as varied as their origin and evolution may be, the mythos we have created around trolls often touches on the same theme — a fear of those unlike ourselves.

Greek mythology had its nymphs. Irish folklore told of the leprechaun, an often grumpy, mischief-prone subtype of fairy. Many times, fairies — also known as the fae, wee folk, good folk or people of peace — were defined as any mystical creature taking a humanoid appearance. But what do you think of when you imagine a fairy? The first image that likely springs to mind is of a diminutive, gossamer-winged sprite — often taking the form of a beautiful woman — who uses her magical pixie dust to perform benevolent deeds for humans.

Depending on the region, fairies can be the size of a human, or even bigger. As some of the fairy legends of western Europe go, if you come across a fairy ring — distinguished by a circle of mushrooms in a field or forest — do not dare step inside. The ring is said to be created by dancing fairies, and entering it can lead to a number of dire consequences.

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And although humans and fairies were allowed to marry, they could only do so only under certain conditions. If those conditions were not met, the marriage ended — and sometimes, the life of the human would, too.

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Centaurs are a race of creatures from Greek mythology that are part man and part horse, and were said to inhabit the mountains and forests of Thessaly and Arcadia. In the ancient tales, they were notorious for lawless barbarism, with a tendency to overindulge in drink and amorous pursuits — they represented the untamed, unchecked side of mankind. The exception to this was the famed centaur Chiron, tutor to the warrior Achilles, who was wise, civilized and kind.

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. You should upload two screenshots of your map for the two levels of the dungeon , then we could give you some precise hints. Because actually, if you clear the area, then you should be fine.

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They're just here for the loot and a nice gold bounty if I can remember well. I kept a save of my game after I finished the dungeon, so I could easily see which part of the dungeon you failed to discover. By the way, outside of the dungeon, in the court, there's a little box with a key inside on south of the court, upstairs then on your left.