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Small Space Design Tips From LA Designer Kyle Schuneman

Like every successful creative project, you need to start with a plan. Even though we were only designing the living and dining rooms which is basically one open-plan room , Roth was adamant about drawing up four simple floor plans first. Roth stressed a floor plan is even more important with small spaces. In smaller homes, Roth prioritizes comfort. Aside from purchasing upholstered furniture that is genuinely comfortable, adding texture helps to create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

After years of traveling and trawling vintage flea markets around the world, my husband and I have honed in on our aesthetic and crafted a collection of interesting decorative items along the way. Roth wanted to fuse these with modern pieces to create a space that was uniquely us. They don't do crazy color and both have a timeless sense of style that is monochromatic and thoughtful. Their home needed to reflect that. I really feel that what we were able to achieve a stylish apartment that is simply a grown-up version of what they had before.

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On top of the personal touches, Roth suggests filling your space with art too. The record player is central to their family lives, and all of this makes their space feel so much vaster—there are so many 'nooks and crannies' to engage with.

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Some of Roth's favorite pieces are those that Troy made in art school. Its team curated a selection of artists based on the modern mood board we created. Then we asked our community to help us choose. She custom painted the most incredible piece that really made the room come alive and brought much-needed cohesion to the space. I am truly honored to have Addi's work hanging in our home. Remember when decorating to try and do one-third vintage, one-third high street, and one-third custom or similar—it's the perfect mix. It's important to consider this high-low mix when designing your coffee table.


Since the living room wall was covered in Addi's artwork and a Banksy we already owned , we needed a different plan for the opposite wall. She was right. It wasn't until we hung it up that I realized the massive difference it makes. From the moment we started working with Roth, I started sending her links and images of things I loved to get her opinion. It triggered an obsession.

Thankfully, Roth was a true professional and reminded me of the floor plan and square-footage we were working with when my wish list and budget started to be disproportionately larger than reality. But more than that, Roth was intent on curating a space that was brimming with personality yet still felt minimal and livable. We thought through each piece carefully and discussed where it would go, what its purpose was, and why it needed to be in the space before making the purchase.

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One of the more extravagant pieces that I've had on my list for a while is the Echasse floor vase. I knew it would fit the theme of the room but wasn't sure about how. I couldn't be happier. When the opportunity to work with Hompepolish came up, I knew straightaway I wanted Roth as our designer.

The only issue is I was based in L. Homepolish shared a few other local designers with me, but I just didn't feel the same connection. We kept in constant communication throughout the entire process, hopping on regular calls to go through the plan and the pieces I'd ordered. Don't compromise. It's just not worth it, and you'll end up with a place that doesn't feel like home.

FULL Apartment Tour - How to Decorate a Small Space!

Layering patterns is the easiest way to add depth and interest to a room. I hate that forgotten "ugly chair" in a guy's room. If you don't care about it, get rid of it. I'm also totally over the mass market "vintage posters" that you see everywhere. And the beer signs are just kinda lame. Spaces should be unique. I designed a man cave for a Hollywood writer and we showcased his Star Wars collection and even installed a urinal in the bathroom, but it was still sophisticated. So I think you can still have fun in a space, it's just a matter of juxtaposing that with a mature palette.

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