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This creates a heat wave from the end of the weapon that causes localized damage and sometimes creates a pressure wave that will knock back targets. The crucible recharges with normal use of the weapon. While the operator of the weapon is partially shielded from the charge, it is recommended that a thermal protection uniform such as the X suit prototypes be worn while operating this modification. Recent changes to the firing mechanism have pushed the Delta to the physical limits of a ballistic weapon. An Argent infused piston compresses gas within the firing crucible to over , PSI.

When released, this launches a 15mm Tungsten Slug with a muzzle velocity of nearly 5, feet per second. The heat generated by this action is syphoned into a thermal gel compiund that automatically recharges the 96volt battery pack. This allows the weapon to sustain an almost endless firing cycle, as long as ammunition is present. The Delta Chaingun weighs 45kg, making it a lethal but cumbersom armament. Gatling Rotator This 3rd party modification overrides the crucible release safety, allowing the weapon to fire immediately without waiting for maximum rotation.

This action, while allowing for instant use, does prolong the time it takes to reach full speed. This modification is unapproved by the UAC.

Mobile Turret A secondary firing crucible and compression chamber can be added to the weapon. This modification unbalances the weapon, so remaining stationary while firing is recommended. When used, the weapon fires at twice the normal rate of fire, expending twice the ammunition and superheating the muzzle. Although this modification presents the most powerful supression in the UAC arsenal other than the BFG prototype project , the system can and will overheat if not used cautiously. Security personnel have been made aware that this item has likely been smuggled onto Mars, and have been directed to confiscate it immediately.

As there are no practical uses for it, it must be assumed that this item should be considered a black market enthusiast's weapon.


It is standard issue to Heavy Weapons Specialists in all military forces due to its unparalleled direct impact and radius damage. The UAC improved the design slightly by adding an automated quick reload. The weapon casing has been retrofitted to accept UAC developed modifications. Remote Detonation This simple modification apples a nano-fiber membrane to the fuse of the projectile upon leaving the firing chamber.

This membrane contains a graphite weave laced with low density explosive, allowing the operator to override the impact fuse and detonate the explosive charge within the projectile at any time after launch. Care must be used when employing this modification, as there is no safety system present to prevent self-harm.

This modification activates that guidance system. Micro motors in the fin assembly will guide the rocket towards a "painted target".

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When the operator uses the built in laser targeter to lock on a target, a salvo of three rockets is launched in rapid succession. Targeting requires a steady hand for several seconds, but once achieved the guided projectiles never miss their mark. It offers incomparable destructive power at extremely close range, but is completely ineffective at long range. The weapon is light and small, making it a favored secondary weapon that no self-respecting combat specialist would be seen without.

With very few moving parts, the Gauss Cannon makes a reliable, powerful weapon. By accelerating steel flechettes through a magnetized chamber, extremely high velocities can be achieved.

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The weapon has near perfect accuracy thanks to the aerodynamic design of the projectiles. Ammunition is cheap and readily available, and is designed to maintain its composition when passing through organic material. The Gauss Cannon has a noticeable kick that must be compensated for by the operator.

Precision Bolt A standard telescopic sight can be placed on the Gauss Cannon, allowing for even greater accuracy at long ranges with this precise weapon. While using the scope, the operator can accumulate additional magnetic charge within the launch chamber, which when released will fire the flechettes at an even greater spead. When fully charged, a launched flechette is almost unstoppable, and will pass through multiple targets. Seige Mode This modification adds an Argon Gas ionizer to the weapon. When initiated, the launch chamber is vacuum sealed as Argon gas is ionized until it forms plasma.

When the Argon has been fully ionized, the chamber is opened and a plasma beam is ejected from the weapon. Due to the precise nature of this modification's operation, safety valves prevent the weapon from discharging until the Argon has been fully ionized. The operator must also remain stationary during charging due to the volatile nature of freeing electrons from the gas.

Download e-book The Complete DOOM MAGNETIC! (Books 1, 2, and 3)

Upon successful release, the plasma beam will penetrate multiple targets and produce a concussive blast at the final point of impact. The weaponization of Argent Energy led to the development and mass production of the Plasma Rifle, but the UAC realized they were capable of much more. The BFG is the culmination of those efforts. This weapon delivers streams of supercharged Argent Energy to multiple targets, and is to some extend self-guiding.

The streams will seek any cache of Argent it can find - usually demons or human test subjects that have had Argent beacons surgically implanted. When the streams find their target, they release all of their stored energy in a fraction of a second, delivering an electrical shock that instantly boils the blood and fatty tissue of the recipient. Spontaneous explosion of the subject often follows. The BFG Division was formed to develop a working design. Several prototype weapons have since been made. The prototypes never went into full production due to numerous testing accidents and the deadly radiation spikes produced.

Previous versions of the weapon had slightly different energy patterns to the current generation. Some released solitary Argent sphreres that unleash a deadly wave upon impact, others formed an Argent laser that cuts through anything in its path. The current prototype, the BFG, creates Argent streams that seek out other targets and boils them alive.

Witness the BFG What greater triumph for the glory of the Ascension could there be than an entirely new type of weapon, born not only of traditional UAC technology, but by all your faith and dedication to the cause? This is what we strive for - an understanding beyond traditional science, unrestrained by the repressive of dimensionally bound contemplation.

Only through our use of SEFT can the power of such a mighty weapon be realised.

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While access to the BFG is strictly limited to Tier 3 advocates, you are encouraged to envision the day you too might get to see the magnificence of its design, and if you are luckier still, experience the invigorating touch of its majestic form of Argent Energy. The UAC Fragmentation Grenade uses a Comp-D explosive package encased in a steel alloy shell, and has an effective fatality radius of about 5 meters.

Improvements on the antiquated M67 grenade include a more reliable chemical fuse mechanism, interior machining of the casing to provide more efficient projectile dispersion and a trigger switch safety clip to prevent unwanted activation. The newer Comp-D explosive also ensures the radial pressure wave has no "drop spots" - to ensure full damage potential within the fatality zone.

The grenade has 3 stages. When primed, the grenade release a positively charged particle field around itself and the operator's hand. Then, when the grenade is released and explodes it releases a negatively charged particle field, over a distance of a few meters. The negatively charged particles attract Argent plasma from any demon caught in the radius, tearing the plasma from their cells.

Finally, the positively charged Praetor suit then attracts the negatively charged Argent cloud, and gathers the plasma. This siphons energy back into the suit, partially healing the Doom Marine. The Holocaster discharges an invisible cloud of ionized Argon, which a camera then uses to project an image through. The refracted light creates a holographic effect above the device.

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The decoy image has a broad color spectrum, and can be quite convincing. The device was first theorized by popular culture media of the late 20th century. With the discovery of the Argent Fracture a transdimensional stream of unrefined plasma in , settling and mining Mars became both practical and essential to meet the vast energy demands of Earth. However, the need for atmospheric conversion and terraforming of the Red Planet was a task that seemed insurmountable to all but one corporation - the UAC.

Through their diligent dedication to technological advancement and forward-thinking, an outpost was established in MTC to extract Argent plasma from the Fracture. This remarkable venture eventually bore fruit, as Argent Energy became the primary power source for all of Earth. New visitors to the UAC facility make take for granted the rich atmosphere while on the surface, but it should be remembered that just a few short decades ago Mars was an inhospitable desert that could support no life.

Unauthorized exploration into the exclusion zones outside the base is not allowed under any circumstances. Highly volatile experiments and artifacts are frequently researched a safe distance away from the base, and your safety in these areas cannot be guaranteed. Welcome to the UAC. This guidebook will serve as your personal guide to fitting in at the Argent Facility on Mars. Your devotion to the UAC's mission is the foundation on which we achieve the establishment of a new paradigm to move humanity forward into the future. Tier 1 advocates may take some time to adjust to life on Mars, but with faith and dedication, you can look forward to a long and fruitful career as you work towards full induction.

Your transition to Tier 2 status will be judged upon your actions here. Make a good impression, new advocate! This guide will update you automatically as you access new areas of the facility. It encompasses several key areas needed to run the facility, including plasma extraction and processing, isotope stabilization, heavy metal and ore mining, artifact analysis, communications networking and off-world transportation. New UAC employees posted to the Mars facility are expected to fufill a tour of duty in Res Ops before moving on to their specialized career bracket.

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Fore access to these locations, new advocates must submit a Delta-Q form to the Departmental Enforcer. Those who came before you and those you server with all operate with the same goal in mind: the development of a new dawn for mankind. It is by this principle of teamwork that we will elevate ourselves to the next plane of existence. If you have any new suggestions to improve the work environment while working your tenure in Res Ops, please submit suggestion form WAD-E1M4 to your Command Controller. However, it is imperative that you learn to accept the things you can't change and follow the path that has been laid out for you.

Your service in Res Ops is a test of your devotion to the cause. Should you be asked to submit yourself to an interrogation program or experimental treatment, you are expected to comply without question. If a fellow advocate asks you to engage in a dedication ceremony, say yes! If you see an advocate doubting their role in the UAC, bring it to the attention of an Enforcer so that they might receive the help they need.

Don't be selfish.