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Airline manufacturer reports unexpected cracks found on wings of some planes; Exclusive interview with Golden Knight who survived after mid-air collision. Saturday, Sep 28, Chaos and panic as gunfire erupts near a school following a football game; Former police officer delivers emotional testimony about night of deadly shooting. Friday, Sep 27, Thursday, Sep 26, Wednesday, Sep 25, Tuesday, Sep 24, Monday, Sep 23, Whoopi Goldberg brings laughs with new book; Father of 3 surprised for all he does for family and others.

Sunday, Sep 22, Saturday, Sep 21, Surfer who was swimming just feet away from a great white shark shares his story; Kevin Hart checked out of a rehab facility and is expected to make a full recovery. Friday, Sep 20, Thursday, Sep 19, Wednesday, Sep 18, New guidance on plant-based milks for kids 5 and under; Brother surprises older sister with honeymoon of her dreams.

Tuesday, Sep 17, Monday, Sep 16, What parents should know about the new peanut allergy pill; Single mom honored for making a difference through education. Sunday, Sep 15, Saturday, Sep 14, Friday, Sep 13, Thursday, Sep 12, Woman's foot waterfall plunge caught on camera; Tory Johnson shares Deals and Steals for fall beauty. Wednesday, Sep 11, Tuesday, Sep 10, Trump's approval rating drops 6 points in new poll; Jennifer Lopez talks learning to pole dance from Cardi B.

Monday, Sep 09, Sunday, Sep 08, First-hand look at the devastation in Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian; Purdue University dedicates the Tyler Trent gate at their stadium. Saturday, Sep 07, Friday, Sep 06, Southern California wildfire closes in on homes; Woman who gave her kidney to her neighbor is inspiring others. August See All. Saturday, Aug 31, Sitcom star Valerie Harper dies at age 80; College football returns in full swing this holiday weekend. Friday, Aug 30, Thursday, Aug 29, Wednesday, Aug 28, Tuesday, Aug 27, Monday, Aug 26, Sunday, Aug 25, Saturday, Aug 24, Brazilian president responds to the 'lungs of the world' crisis; The town of Paradise celebrates 1st high school football game since wildfires.

Friday, Aug 23, Thursday, Aug 22, Wednesday, Aug 21, Tuesday, Aug 20, Monday, Aug 19, Parents call for boycott of Weight Watcher's app for kids; The stars of 'Pose' show us how to 'sell the face'. Sunday, Aug 18, Several casualties after suicide bombing at wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan; Married couple gets surprise of their life 50 years after meeting at Woodstock.

Saturday, Aug 17, Tlaib speaks out after cancelling her trip to Israel; Pint-sized superstars face off as the Little League World Series begins. Friday, Aug 16, Thursday, Aug 15, Disney star Cameron Boyce's parents on last time they saw their son; Rapinoe, Press speak out after pay mediation breaks down. Wednesday, Aug 14, So what, exactly, can we expect from the new drama? We'll have to wait and see what viewers like you make of it. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon, The Morning Show examines the complicated power dynamics between men and women in a bustling morning news show, with Carell and Aniston playing co-anchors.

The trailer opens to Aniston breaking the news that her co-anchor has been fired amid a scandal; the details of the scandal aren't revealed in the trailer, but Carell is seen screaming at his TV that Aniston has "thrown me under the bus". Before the release of the full trailer, Apple gave us a glimpse of The Morning Show through a short teaser in mid-August. The teaser embedded below focuses on the conversations and tone we can expect from the series.

We can overhear the characters talking about the fame and prestige that comes along with the show and how that stands in respect with their duty as journalists, and plays at ideas of truth in the news.

Good morning

The Morning Show originally had a Fall release window, though we now know it will be hitting the service on launch day: November 1. You get a lot done in that time. But then, as you go deeper into Tomalin, you discover that Dickens, in his prime, used to compress his literary energies into five hours, roughly 9am to 2pm, after which he would walk incessantly, and put his mind into neutral.

Robert Frost McCrum : afternoon-late evening? Robert Frost, whose remote Vermont cabin I visited recently in company with his biographer Jay Parini, never started work till the afternoon, and often stayed up till two or three in the morning, not rising until midday, or even later.

Churchill himself with an enormous Corona in his mouth. At this point, he often begins to work on his speeches.

He paces the room, issuing phrase after phrase at a speed his secretaries have trouble keeping up with. He has found that he can only produce good writing for a few hours at a stretch, before his brain gets tired and the quality diminishes.

7:20 am: Quick Change

So by breaking up his schedule with a nap, he is able to have two creative working periods each day—one in the morning and one late at night—while also having time for socializing and duck feeding…The guests have gone home or retired to their bedrooms to stay over, Churchill begins his second working shift of the day. He slips into something more comfortable and asks his aides to join him in the library:.

His appearance heralded by the harff, harff of his slippers, he enters the room in his scarlet, green, and gold dressing gown, the cords trailing behind him. Before greeting his researcher and the two secretaries on duty tonight, he must read the manuscript he dictated the previous evening and then revise the latest galleys, which arrived a few hours earlier from London.

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But the expense is offset by his extraordinary fluency. Before the night is out, he will have dictated between four thousand and five thousand words. On weekends he may exceed ten thousand words. I still do most of my writing in the middle of the night…. Sanderson works best at night. Go back to being a night owl! The job I do lets me have the weirdest sleep schedule ever, because sometimes I sleep for like three hours, and then I get up and work and go back to bed.

An average day for me is two four-to-six-hour writing blocks during this time. In each, I try to write at least 1, words, and I am somewhat goal based. I have a tread desk that I walk on while I type a lot of the time. I write in my bedroom. I have an easy chair that I also sit in. He went out rarely, but he had friends in almost every day to lunch and dinner.

In the evening, when his friends had gone, he would brew himself a great pot of coffee and sit down to work at his dining table his desk served merely as a catchall in which his checkbook could never be found.

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Now and then he would write in an all-night restaurant, where, having eaten a dish of raw chopped beef drowned in olive oil and crusted with pepper, be was likely to scribble from 2 in the morning until dawn. When be had written himself stiff, be would stretch out at home on a sofa under a lamp, take up the mouthpiece of a dictaphone, and record his copy, revising as he went along. The secretary would come in at 9 and type while be slept.

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  8. John Irving Paris Review interview appears to write mostly in the morning to afternoon:. One luxury of making enough money to support myself as a writer is that I can afford to have those eight-, nine-, and twelve-hour days. I resented having to teach and coach, not because I disliked teaching or coaching or wrestling but because I had no time to write. Ask a doctor to be a doctor two hours a day. An eight-hour day at the typewriter is easy; and two hours of reading over material in the evening, too.

    Finishing, like beginning, is more careful work. Donald Hall. Back then, I wrote all day, getting up at five. By this time, I rise scratchy at six or twitch in bed until seven.


    Morning | Definition of Morning by Merriam-Webster

    I drink coffee before I pick up a pen. I look through the newspaper. Joyce Cary , The Paris Review. Ursula K. Le Guin , interview ideal daily schedule presented as a bulleted list.

    William Gibson , interview in The Paris Review :. I check my e-mail and do Internet ablutions, as we do these days. I have a cup of coffee. Three days a week, I go to Pilates and am back by ten or eleven. Then I sit down and try to write. But, generally, just sitting down and really trying is enough to get it started.

    I break for lunch, come back, and do it some more. And then, usually, a nap.

    Good Morning Tapes

    Naps are essential to my process. Not dreams, but that state adjacent to sleep, the mind on waking. At the beginning, I have a five-day workweek, and each day is roughly ten to five, with a break for lunch and a nap. What it needs is simply to write all the time.