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It is better to pretend that we are okay. But if we can just surrender for a few moments — really allow ourselves to feel how we feel — yes we feel the pain more fully, but we also begin to let in a little love and tenderness. Much like we would if we were giving attention to a friend who was having a hard time. Naming it means that we are no longer subsumed by it.

Part of us is now standing outside and looking in, and we can feel some compassion for ourselves. When we are feeling down, everything can feel overwhelming. So my suggestion is this — choose ONE thing from the list below. Just one.

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One thing that appeals a little bit…. And some positive momentum builds from there. For example, this morning, still feeling a wee bit under par, I decided to do one thing nice thing for myself — have a bath. That prompted me to read some inspiring words from a book while the bath was running.

Diary of an Accidental Psychic – Signed Copy, Limited Edition

After my bath I did a little light housework and made a fresh juice for breakfast. It is a bright day and I could hear the church bells ringing, so I went for a walk, pausing at the church door to listen to the congregation singing a hymn. On the way home I popped in at our caravan in a nearby field and told it out loud how wonderful it is and how much I love it.

My hope is it might support you too if you are feeling less than wonderful today. Our feelings are trying to tell us something, bring our attention to something that will open understanding and meaning to a situation or experience. Felt curious — was this just me being tired at the end of many months of huge activity and productivity? A bit weary after 10 days of tending to son Jamie being acutely unwell?

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Then yesterday, it dawned on me — memories of Decembers caring for ill, dying and bereaved loved ones in years gone past, and not being too well myself. So it seems I was just releasing a bit of seasonal grief and heartbreak, perhaps triggered by Jamie being ill again. Felt better as soon as I realised this. You gave him a wave before he disappeared from your sight. You turned your heel away from the school's main gate, going towards inside the campus to get your things that you left in your locker, only to be interrupted by someone pulling you before you could even get inside the building.

Meet me on the rooftop. You rolled your eyes in annoyance, figuring out that it was probably Kusuo who sent the note. You crumpled the paper before throwing it in the nearest trash can.


You made your way to the school's garden since it it would take up less time in to reach the locker areas when you use that way. However, for the second time this day, you were again pulled and was forced to sit on the nearby bench. The sight of an unamused Kusuo welcomed your eyes, your body beginning to tense up with his mere presence once again. Are you a sadist or something? He ignored your remark, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling your body even closer beside him. It's bothersome. You two were so close to each other and now that you were facing against each other, the tip of his nose was touching yours.

Your eyes began to widen as heat started to rise in your face while pushing him away from you but to no avail. I thought you were gonna be waiting on the roof.

His voice was a little hoarse, his eyes closed as he leaned his forehead and rested it on your shoulder. He placed his hand against yours, his warmth transferring towards you. Before you could even protest, he guided your head to rest on his lap and just let you lay there.

You were still so stunned that you were too embarrassed to point out that you wanted to kill him for making you feel this way. His guard just shrugged his shoulder, afraid on what his boss would react if he wasn't satisfied with his response. The silver haired teen just sighed as he fiddled with his thumbs, counting the minutes that has passed since he started waiting for you to show up. Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium. Log in Sign Up.