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If a person or child babies are not supposed to have honey cannot keep down any food or liquid, the body will accept a spoonful of honey. It works I can gladly say. Your info looks great however I was quite surprised that you are missing one very crucial item for natural healing. We use it for everything and it heals quickly. Here are some of our results: Pink eye gone in 24 hours Styes gone in hrs Sore throats gone in 24 hours Walking pneumonia gone in 3 days You can see that silver works great.

You can purchase it at your local health food store. God Bless. I put together something I found online…it is awesome especially for babies and small children you cannot get medicine into.

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Another trick for fevers in children and babies is egg whites in a ziplock bag tied to the feet it pulls the fever out of them…leave on for 20 minutes and can be repeated if necessary. My grandsons fever dropped 5 degrees after doing this.

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LIMES are awesome… as is garlic… why do you think pirates and sailors ate so much citrus? To prevent scurrvvyy. I shoulda known garlic would be involved… great, great things, the Earth provides.. Namaste, Blessed Be! I just wanted to say that I am so grateful I found this blog! Thank you for taking the time out to do it. Everyone tells me to pop a tylenol or motrin or go to the ER. Does anyone have advice on fighting a prostate infection?

Its hard to get antibiotic to that area. I have already used them for 5 months and have decided to stop and find a natural way to fight it. I know of an essential oil blend that is a great! Let me know your email and I can tell you more…our family has covered many potential trips to the dr right here at home!! Very cool!

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Coconut Oil Cures by Sharon Daniels

Oh…and what do you suggest for sinus headaches and migraines? Sinus headaches might be different as you could attack the stuffy sinus as well, right? Good luck! Something to think about… Katie. I recently went to the optometrist. I mentioned that I had sporadic headaches but more so in the autumn. Just another thought to help on the journey to health and wellness.

Virgin Coconut Oil Uses

However, a lot of the essential oils can still be inhaled by little ones, and for congestion simple things like saline and shower steam can help. Plastic bibs…and maybe baking soda soak, OR soak in vinegar not together for the smell already on the clothes.

Salt Water Treatment - Spiritual healing (2 mins)

Question about cod liver oil. How do I get the smell out of my sons clothes because he drools a lot. We have been using Nordic naturals brand because I can buy it locally. This is such an amazing post!

DIY Miracle Healing Salve

Would you mind sharing this on Wildcrafting Wednesday? Hydrogen peroxide in each ear for minutes, times a day. If you are already sick; it helps quicken healing time. If you are not sick but those around you are, it keeps you from getting it or you get it very mildly. Sometimes that does mean keeping my toddler in a carrier all day and sleeping beside him at night, because he needs a lot of comfort. One comment, though: camphor can be pretty toxic. I recently discovered as I was frantically googling around to see if I should take my toddler to the emergency room when he got into the VapoRub that it causes seizures if taken internally.

Katie, Thanks for including NaturoKits. I wanted to clarify that there are several homeopathic remedies which can be used for pain — just depends on the type of pain. Some examples all remedies are in your NaturoKit : Arnica, as you mentioned, is great for blunt trauma, bruising, and muscle soreness…really pain from almost any injury. Hypericum is a great remedy for nerve pain, pain from deep jagged wounds, and injuries to nerve rich areas fingers, toes, genitals — e.

Cantharis helps the pain of a burn: sunburn, kitchen burn, etc. Ledum and Apis come in handy for pain associated with insect bites, among other things. Homeopathy asks us to step back and describe what is actually going on and then choose a remedy accordingly. Hope this helps! Awesome and thorough post! I will definitely be referencing it often. It compares typical treatments from various point of view ie, traditional, homeopathic, herbal, accupuncture.

Also gives ideas for WHEN to call a dr and when to self treat. This is such a great post—and so timely! Now, onto the post. We have used arnica some for general pain. When our 3-year-old had her tonsils out in June, that is actually what the doc gave us for her pain. He also gave us a prescription for tylenol with codene yikes! Hubby is a little more med-friendly than I am! It was a little chewable tablet. That girl was hooked!

We also take echinacea starting around October and throughout the winter, along with a Vit. D supplement and sometimes Vit. C supplement we can afford. What else? I think someone commented on teething pain. Erin, we use Emergen-C at my house. It is sold at Wal-mart and some grocery stores. It has all the vitamin C and B vitamins that you need for the day and you just mix it with water and drink. It tastes like orange juice. It says to mix in 8 oz. Ironically, I was also searching this week to try to identify if I had wild oregeno growing out in the field!

My 4 year old thought this was fascinating! Reading through your list and the comments above brought it to mind. We used a blend of 7 oils one of which was oil of oregano and mixed them with a carrier oil. These were very gently rubbed along the spine. I wonder if people with kids who have trouble getting it down orally could still benefit from rubbing in through the skin always use a carrier oil as the essential oils can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. Maybe a combo of massage and oil of oregano would be great for ear infections!

Seems like you are probably environmentally conscious as well. Also, as a note for others, you should also NOT flush most prescription medicines. They eventually end up in our water. Christina, Thank you for that! This is good info!

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Where can I learn more about buying and using a vaporizer? I searched on amazon and the range of prices was huge, plus the comments in the reviews suggest less noble uses… confusing! Also, how exactly do you get a drop of lympha rub into the back of the throat? Thanks for all the helpful info! Some are probably harder to clean out and get completely dry than others, but this one is not bad. I just add drops of each essential oil right into the water.

The cold mist vaporizer tends to get the scent and therefore the healing properties of the oils into the air better, and the warm air vaporizer makes the air feel more moist for a dry cough. Best successes are when the child is screaming their head off! Husband holds said child on her back on his lap, and I aim and wait for a big one!

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Thank you for the words of advise. I am new to the homeopatic way of thinking. I have been leary of perscription and over the counter medications ever since my sister passed away from an accidental OD of her perscription meds — she became addicted to them.