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I dont have enough money to get real vintage ac30, and I dont need so big and heavy amp. Used the Vintage30 and the Creamback 75 for comparison.

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Is there any way to eliminate this? It doesnt seem that bad at first, but when you mic it and put it through a system the noise is too much. Muscmp: Congrats on the AC15! I spent some time with both models before opting for the I am on the verge of getting one. Enhanced GXT guitar extraction, video recording, and plug-in support! Now everyone can have access to these vintage and sought-after Vox tones.

I mean, the tubes clip in a Vox AC very quickly, so what remains is that compressed loud "British" sound that so many other amps have tried to copy over the years Matchless, etc. In many respects, this new two-EL84 AC10 has This amp predates the use of plastic corner protectors and has three black vinyl Vox logo handles. Compared to the DRRI it is a bit of a problem child.

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But none of the local shops here have them, so I can't try them out. I was thinking about an AC15 for a while, but the wife says I have enough amps, and I really do. Both use EL 84's which have a fairly distinct sound. I would greatly appreciate any tips or tricks regarding a break-in or tone settings, etc etc Are you making that comparison with the mic'd AC15 in another room, where there's no way you can hear the un-mic'd sound?

If you plug your Axe Fx into a flat power amp and then into your AC15 cab, can you get them comparable? If not, talk to Fractal because that's a modeling accuracy issue. The Vox AC15 Custom is a truly remarkable amplifier, and is priced for the working musician. Drawing on more than 50 years of amp-building expertise, the AC15C1 Custom Series offers maximum tonal dexterity. This page is a collection of odds and ends information relating to speakers and speaker implementation. Find the Untitled Pendant you need at prices you want.

This "party mix" is a common design choice in low-end consumer audio, where customers like booming bass and lots of treble presence. I've had my AC15 for a month now and one thing I really started noticing is that when I crank it MV dimed, volume around 2 or 3 o'clock it sounds like I have a compressor pedal on.

My beloved Vox AC15 has gone dead and I'm guessing the valves need replacing. Sure, on bright channel with pentode mode engaged they're about the same, but the Night train does not have the effects of the AC15, but in triode mode or with the thick switch engaged, you get a warmer higher gain tone. Beautiful tube amp with incredible sound.

It has to have enough headroom to compete with guitar and drums in my band's rehearsal space, but when I bring it out live it will be miked, so I won't be needing a giant stack. I was just thinking we haven't seen many NAD's or reviews on those. Only complaint - it's crazy heavy. Vox isn't known for the chuga chuga brootz that a lot of guitarists are into these days so, they aren't mentioned as much, on the forums, as other amps.

C4 is a treble bleed cap that bypasses VR1 for high frequencies making the channel shrill at low gain values. The AC15 is the first amp played, then the AC10 for both "songs". A kit isn't necessary if you know where to buy your part and what parts you need , few web shops offer that service. The AC15 HW is the hand wired version and has a different circuit with different controls.

News From Dr. This range of amps is so useful in the studio because their sound is virtually independent of the output level: there's a separate Power Level control, so if you want 30 Apr VOX AC15 1x12 Blonde ,vox jmi ac15 vintage guitar amps speakers spares for sale incuging brown vox diamond fret cloth,handles,logos,transformers and all kinds of vintage and rare vox ,marshall,watkins ,selmer ,hiwatt,orange,park,fenton wei lparts Got it today a AC15 - 50anniversary Heritage Collection head and a separete cabinet with 1 Blue Celestion.

It will be miked into a sound system and use for recording mostly. These days the common consensus is that the chinese ones are trash and the hand wired series are some of the best ever. Just got this amp brand new and using with my Gretsch Electromatic. Find your voice with VOX. I have just finished a vox ac15 build. Of course a lot could be the way Vox pushed the begeebers outta their wonderful Mullard EL84 and front end tubes.

This made for a thick midrangy tone with great presence. Suggested speakers: Suggestion 1: Ceramic Blue Dog 16 ohm, 30w, paper cone, light dope 40oz ceramic magnet, 1. An evolution in tone. II recently got an old vox ac15, and it obviously doesnt have the fx loop. Ask the Experts. Red, blue, racing green, HW faux, and the classic vox black, i want them all!

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Post if you've got em. The names suck. A new Princeton will run double in price. My question is: How would you go about recording direct from a guitar amp that doesn't have any direct outs? Any input would be greatly appreciated! I am currently running a Vox AC Save on Untitled Pendant. It's been a little slow in the repair business from the shop lately so it has given me a chance to get caught up on a lot of projects that have been hanging fire for one reason or another.

North Coast Music secured the original 's era plastic injection molding tooling used to produce various original Vox parts, including the one pin and two pin plastic corners and the US version of the Vox amp handle. I can't imagine a more versatile amp except a Night Train with an effects loop, that is. Many Thanks. No-one, Vox or anyone else, is pretending the AC10 is a real period-correct vintage amp. People have their opinions about which ones are better. Does anybody have vox ac15cc1?

I want to buy one, but can purchase it only from web, without listening. Back to Main Forum.

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The guys kept asking me to turn down though as I tried to get the deluxe to break up. Although the Vox Ac15 C1 is a nice amp, y think, i'm having a hard time getting a tone y do like. At the end of the day, Vox AV15 really broke the monotony of standard modeling guitar amplifiers. The problem is we come from two different schools of thought here.

So I'm trying to reach a compromise. Got Vox? I wanted a blue one, but at those prices, i may just consider the Hw version. I'd like to modify it to fit a single 6V6 power tube I don't need 15W. Blackface, AC15, Marshall If you keep the preamp lowish and crank the master, it stays cleanish. With high-quality looks, plus its high quality sound, the StompLab series will be a great companion for the guitarist or bassist for years to come.

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No crackling sounds when poking the primary leads connected to powertubes. Once you get a good sound, like with the Vox AC15 model and dial in the O. At the heart of the Valvetronix series is Vox's Valve Reactor circuit, which integrates. What does the utilization category AC15 and DC 13 mean for microswitches? Tube Vox Amplifiers made by Korg - - The Vox was great but at 15 watts was too much at home a lot of the time and not. The Vox AC15 could be credited as the gateway drug of the worship guitarist. Vintage Guitar is marking 25 years of publication with a year full of features. Amps Shanes vox ac15 vs blues junior.

Not something I've ever attempted before and was just wondering if anyone can advise how simple a job it is. I have an audio switcher and I'd like to place the eclipse at the end of the chain mono to use for delay. I haven't had personal experience trying to fit Mullards into a reissue for an AC15, so I don't know if it is possible to "make it work", but hopefully someone can help more on the issue of certain brands not fitting in AC15 reissues tubedepot says a few brands won't fit.

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